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March 2nd, 2008

11:23 am - OCEANIA: local San Jose/South Bay student film @ CINEQUEST 2008!
Hey guys, we REALLY need some local support! Please check our film out at the Cinequest Film Festival March 6th and March 8th. More info below:

Two teenagers deal with their shattered family-life in a small California coastal town.

We started filming when we were in high school (I was 17). Many of the people involved went to Piedmont Hills High School in San Jose, and some actors are from SF, Mill Valley, Palo Alto, etc. It was truly a local effort, and...

It was a rather large volunteer effort. The final budget was around $3,500 or so. Shooting took place on and off for a whole year and editing took me about nine more months. This will be our first and possibly last major screening...

We will be having two screenings:

OPENING NIGHT: 03/06/08 Thursday 7:00 PM
San Jose Repertory Theatre

101 Paseo De San Antonio
San Jose, CA 95113

CLOSING NIGHT: 03/08/08 Saturday 7:30 PM
Camera 12 Cinema San Jose

288 S 2nd St
San Jose, CA 95113

For more info go directly to the Cinequest 2008 site:

Also, please feel free to bring friends! It would mean a lot to us to get more locals out to see the film!

Join the event @ FACEBOOK: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=7808269626
Visit http://www.hdehal.com for more info, pictures, and a trailer!


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January 25th, 2008

11:42 am

Laugh for Lives - February 22nd!

laugh-for-lives-logo-gif Asian American Donor Program (AADP) is dedicated to helping save the lives of people diagnosed with Leukemia, Lymphoma and other blood diseases that are curable by a stem cell transplant. AADP will be hold its first annual comedy show fundraiser, Laugh for Lives – featuring an all-Asian cast of comedians. The current line-up of comedians include: Kevin Camia, Tessie Chua, Jennifer Lin, Nitin Kant, Randall Park, and our headliner, REX NAVARETTE.

$15 pre-sale tickets are available! $20 tickets at the door!

Friday, February 22nd @ El Camino High School in South San Francisco
Doors Open at 7pm!

For more information, please visit www.aadp.org.


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November 30th, 2007

01:00 pm - Amnesty Writeathon, San Mateo
Announcing that I'm hosting a local Amnesty Writeathon event - a group letter and petition and holiday card-writing day tentatively scheduled for Saturday, December 8th from 12-4 (drop-in) in the Laurel Meeting Room of the San Mateo Library. 55 Third Street, in the downtown, off of South El Camino.


Designed to coincide with International Human Rights Day, the event involves writing letters, signing petitions, and sending holiday cards to forgotten political prisoners around the world who are persecuted for nonviolently expressing their political or religious or cultural viewpoints. In the past Amnesty has supported democracy activists, environmentalists, ethnic minorities, religious minorities, women's rights activists, and many others. Amnesty is nonpolitical and nonreligious in itself and simply advocates for freedom of expression and against torture, arbitrary jail sentences, the death penalty, etc.

I'll bring cookies, tea, stamps, international Putumayo music, preaddressed envelopes, and some stationery my supervisor gave me today at work to donate to this event.

This is listed on the Amnesty Writeathon web page - already received a couple emails from interested people. All are welcome and we may go out to dinner as a group afterwards if people would like.

In addition to supporting human rights, this event is a great way to network with intelligent, successful professionals! One never knows whose company may be hiring, or who may know of awesome events happening in the SF Bay Area, or who may have great ideas to assist your university's student organization, or who may know someone who knows someone who...etc.

For those unable to make the event in person I can post links in my journal to the letters and petitions we're writing so you can sign on or mail letters of your own (as well as YouTube links of some musical highlights supporting human rights).

Please comment here (or email me) if you are interested and I will keep you posted.

Would be appreciated if some people here helped promote this on Facebook or elsewhere on LJ :)

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February 13th, 2007

11:34 pm - RIP Natalie Cohen '34
This evening I heard the news that Natalie Cohen, Class of 1934, passed away last Wednesday. Natalie was one of several people I have known who have embodied the Spirit of California. Year after year she would lead cheers at rallies. She even gave a pep talk during the halftime of the 1986 Big Game.

She first started cheering for the Bears when she enrolled at Cal in 1930. At her first game, when she attempted to cheer on the Bears, she was told that "Women don't yell at football games." Not being one to accept being told no, at the next game, she and several other similarly minded women staked out spots in section RR, row 30 -- right next to the Men's Rooting Section. When the men would cheer, she and her friends would cheer. Nobody complained. The following year, the Cal women were allowed to cheer on the Bears. A few years ago, Seat 1, Row 30, Section RR was dedicated as the "Natalie Cohen seat"

Natalie Cohen, 94, tennis champ
How She Played The Game -- Natalie Cohen's tennis career spans seven decades
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January 10th, 2007

08:03 pm
Has anyone gone through the Cal Extension paralegal certification program? If so, what was your experience? Also, can anyone tell me how much the tuition is for the program because the website is quite vague.
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December 18th, 2006

09:24 pm - Want to help out a future Cal student?
Happy Holidays everyone! Hope all of your celebrations are beautiful and you can find joy in this season.

I'm asking a question for my very good friend Luke memepr0gramme - he's a young queer guy who's kinda stuck this holiday season. He's just left a very bad family situation in Texas where among other things he wasn't accepted for being queer - and he's now in the process of looking for work and trying to go back to school for linguistics or evolutionary psychology.

Unfortunately he's kind of between places to live - and would love a place where he could stay for awhile in exchange for cooking/childcare/eldercare/computer tech support. He's quiet, unobtrusive, not an addict, reasonably clean, just needs a little help to get on his feet. His dream is to become a college professor, perhaps at Cal Berkeley.

If anyone knows of anything, please comment here and I'll put you in touch with him.

Beautiful song by Marcia Hopper in honor of the New Year, a gift for everyone here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jh2McSBjSVM&mode=related&search=

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June 25th, 2006

03:10 pm - Alumni-Memory Search
The Berkeley Graduate is looking for
--> input for our summer issue <--
which is targeted to incoming graduate students.

Since we get out to EVERY incoming graduate student
(by way of being a part of the New Graduate Student Orientation packet)
if you felt that there was something that you would have liked your GSI's to know
along the lines of
effective methods of teaching,
what makes a good or bad GSI,
what you're looking for in a class,

getting that kind of input to us to print for them
is one of the best ways to change the system.

Likewise, if you have any sage advice, cautionary tales, or the like
that you think might help an incoming graduate student,
we like both essays and nuggets and would love to see what you come up with.
Deadline: July 25.

send email to:

or campus mail to
The Berkeley Graduate
Anthony Hall #4500
Berkeley, CA 94720-4500


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May 10th, 2006

08:42 pm
Hi everyone,

So I just got into Berkeley and UCLA. I am transfer student (JR.) and have until June 1 to decide where I want to go. I didn’t think that I could actually get into Berkeley so I have added stress in my life right now.

My gut is telling me to go to UCLA because it will be close to home (I live in South OC) and because my little brother is going to go there and I feel like I need to be close enough to look out for him (I know that’s crazy.. but he went through a pretty insane health scare and I feel somewhat obligated) - but on the other hand I keep hearing all this stuff about how prestigious Berkeley is… how important that is for grad school I just don’t know.

I come from a pretty strict Iranian family and I guess that I've lived somewhat of a sheltered life. Is Berkeley going to be an absolute culture shock for me?

If I go to Berkeley I plan on living off campus in my own apartment with 2 other friends from down here.

Both schools have offered me around $14,000 in grants and another $10,000 in loans.

But I am utterly confused.

Please please tell me the negatives and positives of both schools. I plan on double majoring in History (with an emphasis on middle eastern studies) and either International Studies/Global Studies or Economics. How hard is it to double major?

Thank you

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March 17th, 2006

06:54 pm - Free BART and other ticket $ for San Mateo dwellers
Tired and frustrated with driving alone on your long commute to work every day?

Interested in public transportation options, but never taken the time to try it?

If you’re over 18, live or work in San Mateo County and have not used public transportation to
commute to work, you could be eligible for a free ticket on BART,
SamTrans, Caltrain, VTA, Dumbarton Express or M Line. Just complete the questionaire below and we’ll mail you a free ticket from the transit agency of your choice.

Despite what you might think, public transit is very convenient. When you try
public transportation you can:

* Save hundreds of dollars a year in auto expenses (gas, insurance, maintenance, tolls, etc.)
* Work or relax during your commute and reduce the amount of stress you feel
* Use the new found time you have to read, talk with friends, or get ahead at work
* Get to work and get home on time regardless of the weather, traffic accidents, breakdowns, etc.
* Help reduce environmental pollution and overcrowded roads
* Use pre-tax dollars to pay for your public transportation expenses

Be one of the first to complete the questionnaire below and we’ll mail you free transit tickets
from the transit agency of your choice as mentioned below. Please note that this offer is for one ticket request, per person, one time only.


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January 29th, 2006

10:49 pm - It's almost Campanile sunset time...
It's almost the time of year when the sun, as viewed from The Campanile, sets in the Golden Gate. Still, today's sunset was pretty good (click the photo for a gallery)...

Click the image for more sunset pics

Thanks LHS for the photos.

Cross posted to ucberkeley and goldenbears
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